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جان بولتن و رجوی

Slaughter of Rajavi against the steps of Iran!

John Bolton's resignation proposed by Trump means Death for Rajavi and his group!

بازیگری منافقین برای آمریکا

The MKO’s earning from sanctions against the Iranian nation

However various opposition groups, including the MKO are oppose for relying solely on the issue of sanctions and are trying to make a military option against Iran, in the military campaign, have now become a player of sanctions against Iran.

کانون های شورشی منافقین

The MKO’s new tricks to revive the "Rebel Centers “program

The specialized activities of the MKO in the environment of schools and factories

قرنطینه منافقین درآلبانی

The last station for the captives of the Rajavi’s cult

Imprisonment in the name of quarantine, the last attempt to prevent the exodus



Rescuing Parents of Massoud Rajavi's from the captivity MKO

Aboute Me

The "fact MKO" website aims to work to reveal the nature and extent of the actions and crimes of the MKO sect. The "fact MKOwebsite is a narrative of what is the nature and reason of how the MKO sect emerged. In this direction, this website is attempting to  reveal the sectarian nature of this organization by reflecting and expose the inhumanity face of the MKO.In fact, with the   Condemnation of the MKO's function, we are seeking enlightenment and awareness of the society against the Traps of this  terrorist cult                                                                                                                                                                          t .

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