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منافقین و انتخاب سوژه ها در فضای مجازی

How MKO chooses their subjects?‎

Rajavi’s cult trap in cyberspace with the help of bots!‎

رسوایی منافقین و خرابکاری در سیل اخیر ایران

The MKO did not have mercy even on the victims of the flood…‎

MaryamRajavi's message to create turmoil during theflood crisis, as well as to identify some of the ‎movements of the deceived agents of theMKO to sabotage in the flood crisis, has led to the ‎dissemination ofnews in themedia ‎and ultimately ledto Scandal

کلاهبرداری منافقین و سیل در ایران

Social-financial operations or theft in style of the MKO (A look at the scam of the ‎MKO in Iran's flood) ‎

MaryamRajavi is going to misuse from flood victims in Iran again. One of the ‎common ways in which the fraudulent scam of the MKO is the abuse of natural ‎events and the deception of human emotions,‎In this report,looking at the financial resources of MKO

What do terrorists in the corridors of the Human Rights Council?‎

One of the areas that the MKO have planned to enter is the legal arena. But terrorists in diplomatic ‎and human rights gestures also remain outside the traditional practices of diplomacy.‎



Rescuing Parents of Massoud Rajavi's from the captivity MKO

Aboute Me

The "fact MKO" website aims to work to reveal the nature and extent of the actions and crimes of the MKO sect. The "fact MKOwebsite is a narrative of what is the nature and reason of how the MKO sect emerged. In this direction, this website is attempting to  reveal the sectarian nature of this organization by reflecting and expose the inhumanity face of the MKO.In fact, with the   Condemnation of the MKO's function, we are seeking enlightenment and awareness of the society against the Traps of this  terrorist cult                                                                                                                                                                          t .

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